Health and Physical Education

To graduate, each student must earn one half credit of health and one half credit of physical education.

Physical Education Waiver

In accordance with Ohio Department of Education Policy (ORC 3313.603) and Perkins Board Policy, a student may be excused from the physical education requirement provided that he/she completes at least 2 full seasons of a sport. marching band. or cheerleading. A waiver form for each season must be completed and signed by the student, parent, and coach, advisor, or director. The completed Waiver Form must be submitted to the guidance office no later than two weeks after the end of the season. Waiving physical education does not give the student a grade or credit for a course. Students who choose to receive a physical education waiver and complete the requirements are required to complete a one-half unit elective in another course of instruction, which counts toward the total number of credits required to graduate.

Additional information about the health & physical education courses at PHS is located in the PHS Course Registration Guide.