Report an Absence

Absences from School

If a parent knows in advance that their child will be absent 1 or more days of school, a note signed by the parent/guardian should be given to the main office prior to the absence. If the student is unable to attend school and prior arrangements were not made, the parent of the student should call the school (419-625-1252) before 8:05 a.m. on the day of each absence. The school answering machine is on at ALL hours, please leave a message with the students name and reason for absence (i.e. sick, appointment, funeral, etc.). When the student returns to school, a note, explaining the absence should be given to the main office. Any student needing to leave school for an appointment or any other special reason, must present written permission from a parent/guardian to the main office the morning of the appointment. Upon returning to school, the student should report to the main office, and provide documentation of the appointment.

Absence Slip: When a student returns to school following an absence he/she is required to bring a note from his/her parent or legal guardian. This note must be submitted to the office within three (3) days after the absence and it must contain the following information: student’s name, date of absence, specific reason for absence, and signature of parent or guardian. The attendance secretary will issue an absence slip. It is the student's responsibility to present this slip to each of his/her assigned teachers on the day that the excused absence slip is issued.

Absences – Excused and Unexcused

Students and parents alike are reminded of the strong correlation between regular school attendance and academic success. Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to be on time in order to receive the full benefit from our instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. With this in mind, the school encourages, and the law demands, regular school attendance.  Continuity in the learning process is seriously disrupted by excessive absences. In most situations, the work missed cannot be made up adequately. Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades and enjoy school more.

Attendance policy will change to reflect the new Ohio Department of Education requirements under House Bill 410. More information will be distributed from our district office when the state determines and revises the codes.

Perfect Attendance

To be eligible for perfect attendance a student must be in attendance the entire school day, every day that school is in session, with the only exceptions being school business and death of an immediate family member.

Tardy to School

Students arriving late to school will report to the office for an admittance slip.  Students arriving in the building after the start of first period are required to report to the office of the assistant principal, sign in, and receive a tardy slip. The slip should be given to the classroom teacher upon arrival in class. Students who arrive late to first period without a tardy slip should be sent directly to the office in order for them to obtain one.