Making Better Athletes

Perkins Partners With T3 For Student Athlete Training Program
Posted on 08/20/2019
Perkins athletes workout in weightroom.As the Perkins Pirates’ fall sports season gets underway, coaches and trainers are watching closely to see if a renewed focus on off-season workouts pays dividends for football players, cross-country runners, volleyball players and other young athletes.

The fall sports season is the first after a new partnership was struck between the Perkins Athletic Department and T3 Training of Avon for the implementation of the Perkins Strength and Conditioning program.

Under the partnership, student athletes have been working with a trainer for individualized weight room and cross training exercises, explained Athletic Director Matt Smith. Ideally, he said, coaches and trainers – not to mention parents and the athletes – will see fewer injuries and improved on-field performances.

Maddy Mullins, a T3 Performance Coach, works with the athletes. She’s also a 2013 Perkins High graduate and has a first-hand knowledge of Perkins Schools’ athletic programs. She has been running the open training sessions for all Perkins student athletes. Her morning session has about 40 athletes and her evening session about 25.

The training regimens focus primarily on athletes’ core strength – essentially all the muscle groups in the lower back and abdomen. Ms. Mullins explained that she also tailors specific workouts based on the sport athlete plays. For example, athletes in court and field sports such as soccer, football and volleyball, do a lot of jumping and explosive exercises; cross-country runner focus on hip and ankle strength; and baseball players focus on shoulder strength.

“It’s about developing their overall athleticism,” Ms. Mullins said. “Hopefully that translates into better performances on the field … The results on the field will be the real test.”

Perkins baseball coach Chris Walton is among the coaches keeping tabs on the workouts. Although conditioning for baseball, a spring sport, is a couple of months away, some of his athletes already have begun the T3 workouts.

“This is an awesome resource that we have,” Coach Walton said. “The hope is that we’re building bigger, stronger, faster athletes. I’m ecstatic that the school district did this.”

Perkins athletes workout in the weight room.