PHS Championship Race Car Driver

Ava Lawson: PHS's Drag Race Champion
Posted on 02/07/2020
Ava Lawson

Ava Lawson isn’t afraid to admit it: She’s a speed freak.

“Yeah, I like to go fast,” says the 15-year-old Perkins High School sophomore. She is not even old enough to get a driver’s license, but she already has won multiple championships as a drag racer. 

Ava in January was crowned the 2019 Bear Motorsports Advanced Junior Dragster Champion – the second time she won the honor. The first time was in 2017.

The daughter of Clint and Shannon Lawson, she has been drag racing since she was 8 years old. “I remember being a little nervous at first,” she recalls. 

Her grandfather, Ray Bouman serves as her crew chief and her inspiration for racing. Once a racer himself, “he’s the one that got me into it,” Ava says. He also owns the cars she drives.

She races in the 790 class among boys and girls her age. Because of her class, Ava can max out at 85 mph. Thus, the finish line is roughly 7.9 seconds away. Blink and you will miss her.

Her home race track is the Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk. She also travels throughout the Midwest during the April-to-October race season. The highlight of the season is heading to Bristol, Tenn. for a week for the eastern conference finals.

Drag racing isn’t her only game. She also plays volleyball for the Perkins Pirates and lettered for the team last fall. She also is active in PHS’ BioClub and Move2Stand.

“I would like to become a pro racer but that is a very big responsibility and I don’t know if that’s what I would want to do for my job,” Ava says. “I would like to be a nurse and go to college for nursing.”

Ava Lawson gets ready to race.