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PHS Senior Jenna Risk Pursues Journalism In Academy Experience
Posted on 10/28/2019
PHS Senior Jenna Risk Pursues Journalism In Academy Experience
As part of her Academy Experience with the Sandusky Register, Jenna Risk wrote a short article about Sandusky’s annual event called “Dump Day.”

This article was featured on the Sandusky Register’s website the next day where it would inform all readers, especially those who live in Sandusky, of the annual opportunity to dispose of unwanted items and have them taken away, free of charge.

"The reason I chose to pursue this Academy Experience is to learn more about the journalism field, as it is what I hope to go into after college," Jenna said. "I really want to experience this so I have an advantage when I actually begin applying for jobs. Writing has always been a big passion of mine, and I would love to be able to use it to my advantage as a career choice."

Like every student completing an Academy Experience, Jenna is completing a secondary component to supplement what she is learning during field site visits. She has chosen to write a story to enter into the Fall 2019 Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by WOW! Women On Writing. Even though she has just started to flesh out her story she shared a little about her writing process.

"I plan on this being a more feminist-centered work," jenna said. "It’s set in a dystopian future (a trend with most of my stories I write) where women are basically expected to revert back to a 1950s housewife lifestyle. I usually name the stories after they’re written, so for now this is unnamed."

(This article was reprinted from The Pirate Post)